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LocOf GPS Tracker

Real-Time GPS Tracking
Software for Cell Phones

Android app on Google Play

Service features

  • You only need a phone with GPS and an internet connection
  • Simple and efficient mobile application
  • View the location of multiple mobile phones on the same map
  • Embed your map in your own website
  • Saves tracks while out of network coverage or abroad and publishes them later

Use a mobile phone as real time GPS tracker

Simply install the LocOf GPS Tracker application on a phone to view and follow it's location online.

Perfectly suitable for tracking employees, vehicle tracking (courier and delivery services), recording and sharing holidays and day-trips, personal use (daily commutes and outdoor sports).

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App available for Android and Symbian

Tracking History

At a glance, you can view the location of employees real time. By clicking 'Historic Tracks', you have an instant view of historic locations and speeds between selected dates.

Speed and History

Speed is displayed in a graph on the map. Hold your mouse over the graph to view historic locations.

Employee Tracking

See the current GPS locations of every employee. View current or historic locations alongside battery life and speed information.


Messages or photos can be placed on the map along the route.

How does it work?

LocationOf uses GPS and Google Maps. It consists of two parts: The website at LocationOf.com and software on a mobile phone or tablet.

To use LocationOf, you need a mobile device with an internet connection. Alongside that, you need a GPS-receiver, either separate or built in to your phone.

LocationOf works on the following types of phones:
Android 2.2+
Java phones with MIDP 2.0 (Nokia E7, N8, Sony Ericsson C702, etc.).

Employee tracking

Simply equip your employees with compatible Android phones and install the LocOf GPS Tracker application on each of them to get a live and up-to-date overview of the locations of your fleet. Licenses for professional use as low as € 8.25 per month per device.

Welcome to Location Of, a real-time GPS location tracking service for Android and Java-enabled phones.
Show your location to family and friends in real-time, but you decide who and when.
Use this service to manage employees or provide a tracking service to customers.


Show your outdoor trips and vacations live to your family & friends.
They can track you in real-time while you are running, hiking, biking, or just traveling by train or car.
Track your family & friends. Ask them to install this app and you can track each other in real-time.
View the live locations of your employees on a single map.
Save tracks while out of network coverage or abroad and upload them over Wi-Fi.
Add messages and photos to your tracks.
Embed a map on your own website, or use the API to build your own project using geo-data from your phone.