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Device Status Live Tracks {{::('M-L'|keyCmd)}} Plot .. Last 3600 locations Last hour worth of locations Last day worth of locations None Historic Tracks {{::('M-H'|keyCmd)}} Map Type {{::v}} Street View Traffic Condition Bicycle Layer Reload user's location {{::('M-C'|keyCmd)}} Center user's location {{::('C'|keyCmd)}} Fit user's tracks {{::('A'|keyCmd)}} Fit all relations {{::('S'|keyCmd)}} Remote Control Battery History Geofence Logbook Load Custom KML Overlay Show Custom KML Overlay Measure distance Export all locations KML GPX Export displayed locations KML GPX Delete Delete chat history Delete all location history Show Coordinates Show Altitude Show Heading Show Battery-level Show Sunrise / Sunset Show Geofences Show Stopovers Relations Show Relations Show Inactive Show Tracks Show Label Data Formatting Date mm/dd/yyyy dd/mm/yyyy Time 12:00:00 AM ( 12h ) 00:00:00 ( 24h ) Coordinate Decimal Degrees Degrees Minutes Seconds + Direction Distance and Speed Miles ( mi/h ) Kilometres ( km/h ) Nautical Miles ( knots ) Keep user's location centered Fit tracks on mouse-over {{settings.setting_playAudio?'Disable':'Enable'}} audio Load {{state.cn!=''?'regional':'default'}} settings Profile Map Product Licensing Helpdesk Log Out
Load data between {{state.startDate.getTime()/1e3 | dateformat}} and {{state.endDate.getTime()/1e3 | dateformat}}
New locations have been recorded for {{state.displayName!=''?state.displayName:state.username}}. Switch to 'Live Tracks' to view. Select 'Live Tracks' from the 'View' menu, or, press {{::('M-L'|keyCmd)}}.
Reload Demo's Location ( {{::('M-C'|keyCmd)}} )
Center Demo ( C )
Fit Demo's Tracks ( A )
Fit {{::state.thisuser}}'s Relations ( S )
Zoom In ( + )
Zoom Out ( - )
Talk Push to talk; Audio will be sent to Demo while the button is pressed. ( BETA -> Requires Mobile App version 91 )
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Demo's Tracks
{{settings.liveShow==1?'Displaying last hour worth of locations.':(settings.liveShow==2?'Displaying last day worth of locations.':(settings.liveShow==3?'Not displaying plots. Select [View] -> [Plot ..] to change.':'Displaying last 3600 locations.'))}} Switch to 'Historic Tracks' for history. Select 'Historic Tracks' from the 'View' menu, or, press {{::('M-H'|keyCmd)}}.
Click the trash can to empty trash.
Empty trash

Delete locations in area

Delete locations within a specific area on the map

Delete tracks by radius

Delete tracks that cover an area with a radius smaller than {x}

Delete tracks shorter than

Delete tracks with a total distance shorter than {x}

Delete first point in view


Delete last point in view


Combine All Tracks

Combine tracks

{{track.distance}} Distance {{track.avg_speed}} Average speed
{{track.in_trash?'This track is in the trash can':'Click to add this track to the trash can'}}
Speed Graph
Demo's Geo-Tags
{{tabs.geotag.geotags.length}} Geo-Tag{{tabs.geotag.geotags.length==1?'':'s'}}
{{geotag.tagTime | datetimeformat_noyear}}
{{::state.thisuser}}'s Relations
To view colleagues, friends, or family on your map, add them to your relations from the menu on the right, or, add a demo.
1 Relation
Name Time Speed
Right-click the map and select 'New point of interest' to create a new point of interest.

Add Relation

Add New Device

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Heading {{r.head}}
This is you Now watching map for {{r.name}} You have ownership over {{r.name}}{{r.lev>2?'':' ( Requires upgrade to Pro )'}} {{r.name}} has ownership over your account

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{{r.n}} would like to add you
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{{::state.thisuser}}'s Geofences
Right-click the map and select 'New geofence' to get started. You can use Geofences to get alerts when a device enters or leaves a pre-defined area.
Title Time
{{::user.name}} {{::user.name}} {{user.text}} ... {{user.text}}
Open 'Geofence Settings' and add a user to monitor to enable this fence.
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Enter a message below and add an optional address or location to send to Demo's device.
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