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Account seanmendis was registered on {{ 1298686096 | dateformat}} at {{ 1298686096 | timeformat}} and is being used with LocOf GPS Tracker application version 90 on a OnePlus 3T A3010.
The device reported a battery level of {{state.battery}}% ( {{state.batterytemp}}°C / {{state.batterytemp | fahrenheit}}°F ) on {{state.batterytime | dateformat}} at {{state.batterytime | timeformat}} and status {{state.phonestatus}} on {{state.timeseen | dateformat}} at {{state.timeseen | timeformat}}.
Visit seanmendis's website at {{state.userlink}}
{{state.saved | numberformat}} historic locations are on record for seanmendis, recorded between {{state.minDate | timeformat}} on {{state.minDate | dateformat}} and {{state.maxDate | timeformat}} on {{state.maxDate | dateformat}}. Show all on map.
The oldest {{state.remov | numberformat}} locations on record will automatically be removed; No more than {{::state.space | numberformat}} historic locations will be kept on record for seanmendis while using a Premium License.
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